We offer a wide range of services, from which you will surely be able to choose the appropriate forms of presenting your company. Of course, we are happy to provide you with advice and recommend the best combination of services in order to form an integrated advertising campaign that will have the greatest effectiveness possible.

The number of visitors to the SOLARNENOVINKY.SK website is measured through Google Analytics.

Banner advertising

We offer attractive advertising space in all parts of the SOLARNENOVINKY.SK website. We typically provide monthly or quarterly reports on the number of clicks, impressions, displays of the banners.

Business (PR) articles

PR articles raise awareness of your business and can present your products and services to the general public as well as the professional public. The advantages of posting business articles on the SOLARNENOVINKY.SK website are that they can be published on any day of the year, and it is possible to respond flexibly and utilize the correct timing. Readers thus gain the latest information about your products and services.

Short Business Report

A short business report is a short informative text about your company news e.g. updated price lists, a new product launch, new telephone numbers, new registered office, open warehouse etc.

Presentation in the company directory

If you want to use any other form of presentation or publish information about your company, everything will be linked to this entry. An entry in the directory is a necessary requirement for all other forms of promotion. Potential customers will easily find all the information about your company published on the SOLARNENOVINKY.SK website through the company directory. Company directories are especially popular due to their simplicity and speed of searching for specific companies.

Adding events to the calendar

This offer will be used primarily by companies that organize seminars, lectures, exhibitions, and conferences both in Slovakia and abroad.


After clicking on the Eshop menu the reader will be redirected to a new page of your Eshop.

Individual form of advertising

We will design a completely individual solution for the whole advertising campaign in order to raise the profile of your company, product or service. Firstly, we will prepare a comprehensive offer of an individual advertising campaign. For the campaign we will also design and create all of the presentation parts. We will continuously inform you about the success of the campaign and, if necessary, carry out modifications.

Publication of job vacancies

Job vacancies will be published in the main menu of the SOLARNENOVINKY.SK website with a link to further details.

Pricing of advertizing on the SOLARNENOVINKY.SK website

Type od advertisement1 month3 month12 monthBanner sizeBanner format
Header banner - 1 600 € 5 600 € 970x120 .png, .jpg
Center banner - 1 000 € 3 500 € 718x64 .png, .jpg
Center banner 2 - 599 € 1 999 €  718x64 .png, .jpg
Right banner - 1 000 € 3 500 € 260x260 .png, .jpg
Footer banner - 780 € 2 760 € 970x120 .png, .jpg
PR (1.-3. position) 300 € 800 € 2 800 €    
E-shop 200 € 520 € 1 840 €    
Company directory - - 99 €    
Company directory
(1.-3. position)
- - 900 €    


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