About us

SOLARNE NOVINKY.SK is an objective, professional and informative media website in the field of PHOTOVOLTAICS. It provides daily information on the latest events in the field in the form of articles and interesting interviews. The information is intended for operators of large and small photovoltaic power plants, professional companies active in the field, manufacturers, architects, government agencies, as well as foreign companies and other media.

The aim of the SOLNARNENOVINKY.SK website is be a recognized, reputable and the most read information medium in the field of PHOTOVOLTAICS.

The founder and operator of the SOLARNENOVINKY.SK website is the strong Czech company SOLLARIS s.r.o. from the field of photovoltaics. SOLLARIS ranks among the leading companies in the field of photovoltaics. In the Czech Republic it has implemented over 700 power plants on the roofs of houses or buildings. Another key activity is the servicing of large solar parks, which handle several tens of MW.

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